5 Benefits of Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is designed to remove surface irregularities that are caused by repeated traffic, excess load, shifting and even construction work. The result is a significant improvement in the quality of the concrete surface. Grinding concrete is something that should be left to a professional because it requires a combination of the right grinders and the expertise to achieve desired results.

Why Concrete Grinding?

Concrete grinding in Toronto is a service that can be used by multiple industries, from architecture to engineering to plumbing and even homeowners. Just some reasons to use a concrete grinding service include:

  • Cost-Effective Way to Improve Concrete Life - Concrete’s lifespan can be dramatically improved with professional grinding and it is one of the most cost-effective ways to correct irregularities.
  • Improves Uneven Surfaces - Whether it is a concrete pad, parking lot, driveway or even the flooring of a warehouse, concrete grinding can help smoothen out these uneven surfaces. Most importantly, it reduces tripping hazards, which is imperative for businesses looking to minimize risk and liability.
  • Can Be Used by a Variety of Professionals - Numerous professionals benefit from concrete grinding. Plumbers, for example, can have the concrete cut for them for trench work while water and sewage treatment plants can use concrete grinding to access pipes underneath the surface. The Toronto Transit Commission also uses concrete grinding to even out sidewalks and roadways.
  • It Is Not Just for Concrete - Grinding can be used to even out and polish other surfaces, including marble, granite and other finished concrete areas.
  • Repairs Surface Damage Instantly - Whether the damage is done by excessive roadway usage, water, rough weather or another factor, concrete grinding can help instantly smoothen and repair these surfaces without the cost of replacement.

Hiring the Right Company for Concrete Grinding in Toronto Is Key

There are numerous small contractors offering concrete grinding, but many of them may lack the necessary tools and experience to tackle full-sized warehouses or roadways. Sterling Concrete Sawing and Drilling Ltd., has done grinding for roadwork projects, new construction and remodels. Our grinding services can be used to prepare concrete surfaces for polishing or to improve the evenness of the surface. We can also help you prepare the surface for trench work and other underground access projects.

Contact Sterling Concrete Sawing and Drilling Ltd., today for an estimate on your concrete grinding project. We proudly serve the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions of Southern and Southwestern Ontario. Call us at our Mississauga or Cambridge locations today to discuss your requirements.