Your Guide to Excavation Services

If you know any excavation professionals in the Toronto area, you’ve probably heard them say they were fascinated by dump trucks as kids and just traded their toys in for bigger versions.

But excavators do much more than play with big machines all day. They have numerous responsibilities including grading the dirt, digging trenches and preparing sites for construction. And of course, they do get to operate the heavy equipment too. 

What Exactly Do Excavators Do?

Most excavation contractors are skilled heavy-equipment operators. They get hired for a variety of applications, including residential, municipal and federal projects. Because they’re typically hired for one part of a larger project, excavators are often considered as subcontractors.

A homeowner might hire an excavation contractor for jobs such as digging out a hole in their backyard to put in a swimming pool. They’re also called in by farmers to create split-level drainage on agricultural land and to build earthen dams. Excavators are on site when a commercial home builder needs earth removed for creating lots in a new residential area.

For municipal and federal projects, excavation contractors build and grade roads, dig ponds and sewers, and excavate ditches for waterlines or gas lines. They also operate trenchers. These are specialized machines for installing flexible pipes underground without digging up the surrounding area.

Excavation contractors usually work with general contractors, who solicit bids, coordinate subcontractor timelines and pay the excavation contractor when their part of the project is complete.

What Types of Equipment Do Excavators Operate?

There are many different types of equipment on excavation job sites at any given time in the Toronto area. Some of them include:

  • Diesel Excavators – Diesel excavators can dig a maximum depth of 20 feet. Alongside concrete breaking equipment, they can remove up to 1750 ft-lbs, and help dig auger holes up to 36 inches in diameter.
  • Skid Steers – Small but mighty, skid steers carry loads of 900 to 2300 lbs. They’re capable of removing soil, granular fill, and concrete. They’re also helpful for compacting earth on the job site.
  • Compactors – These are used to tamp the earth down to achieve the right level of compaction for granular and other types of backfills.
  • Electric Excavation – Over the past 15 years, Sterling Concrete Sawing and Drilling Ltd., has been providing electric excavating services in Cambridge and the GTA. We developed this method of excavating while working around schools, hospitals and small, enclosed spaces where the noise and fumes of traditional excavation are intolerable.

Finding Excavation Services in Toronto

For all your excavation needs in Cambridge and the GTA, you can turn to the experts at Sterling Concrete Sawing and Drilling Ltd. Contact us today!