Core Drilling Services in Toronto and Beyond

Our core drilling services include creating vertical or horizontal holes at any angle. The trained and skilled personnel at Sterling Concrete Sawing and Drilling Ltd., will create holes for plumbing and electrical applications, including floor drains, sewer drains, HVAC openings, anchor bolts, and more. This method is common in restoration work and in new construction of residential or commercial buildings. Our experienced team offers core drilling services in Toronto, Cambridge, Mississauga, and locations throughout Ontario.

Sterling Concrete Sawing and Drilling Ltd., Machinery

We have a wide range of electric or hydraulic machinery that allows us to drill fast and accurate holes up to 36” or 915 mm diameter and at any depth. If needed, we are pleased to provide concrete imaging/X-ray services so you know exactly what’s behind your concrete before drilling. Safety is a top priority for all jobs completed by Sterling Concrete Sawing and Drilling Ltd.

Also known as coring, core drilling is used to remove precise cylinders of material from walls, floor slabs, ceilings, roadways and other applications. We are capable of handling your difficult-to-access jobs with a wide range of specialized equipment.

To learn more about core drilling services, contact our offices in Mississauga or Cambridge today.

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