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Reliable Wire Sawing in Toronto

Wire sawing is an ideal way of cutting heavily reinforced concrete and excels at cutting in confined spaces. When your masonry or concrete structure is too big to be cut by the saw, Sterling Concrete Sawing and Drilling Ltd., uses diesel or electric wire sawing method in Toronto to get it done right. We insert a steel cable that is affixed with diamonds. It is a fast method and can also be used for cutting below the surface of water.

Benefits of Wire Sawing

Wire sawing creates clean and precise cuts that can cut through rebar and steel beams. This process allows us to cut concrete structures of any thickness for mass concrete removal without breakage and eliminates other potential structural damage. Our wire saws perform without noise, vibration and debris, which also enable controlled demolition in sensitive areas. With our hands-on approach, we always leave a smooth finished surface with no overcutting at the corners. Talk to us in Mississauga or Cambridge today.

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